7 Types of Tile Materials You Should Know

One of the most favourite decoration materials for any part of a building, it can be found in houses, schools, hospitals, and workplaces. Tiles is a cost-effective flooring option for any type of buildings and they are environmentally friendly. We are likely to watch out for the most colourful tile options, little do we know about the different types of tile materials.

Tiles designs, colours, and textures are some of the prioritised features when choosing a tile. Types of tiles are wall tilesfloor tiles and multi-purpose tiles that can be used anywhere. Other variations of tiles include the materials they are made from which includes Porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, marble among others. Tiles being one of the most durable flooring options requires a basic understanding of different tile materials.

Check 7 types of tile materials you should know below;

Ceramic tile can be used on the wall, floors or countertops. Ceramic tiles come in different sizes, colours, textures, and shapes. Ceramic tiles are commonly used in the kitchen and the bathroom because they are hardwearing, withhold any amount of water and are easy to clean. Ceramic tiles are manufactured from heating and cooling of natural clays in a kiln. Ceramic tile can be used in various parts of the building due to its versatility and low-maintenance. Avoid dropping hard items on ceramic tiles due to their weak nature, it can easily get crack and damage.

Porcelain tiles are great ideas to transform your house into a lovely abode. Porcelain is good at handling a large amount of usage and harsh conditions such as outdoor or walkway usage, they are scratch and crack resistants due to their hardened surface but can be more expensive. The two types of porcelain tiles are glazed and through bodied porcelain tile. Glazed porcelain tile is made from a mixture of clay, sand and other minerals fired in a kiln, come in various colours, textures and are usually stain resistant. Through bodied porcelain tile is made from a mixture of clay, sand and other minerals fired at high temperatures, extremely strong and can withstand very harsh conditions. Through bodied porcelain tiles are commonly found in commercial locations such as schools, large workspace and hospitals due to its ability to withstand heavy traffic while glazed porcelain tiles are mostly used at home.

Quarry tiles are made from natural stones and have a rough surface. They are cost-effective and cheap as it is scratch resistant. Quarry tiles are often referred to as an unglazed ceramic tile due to their shared durability features, can survive extreme cold and hot climates. This type of tiles are good options for both indoor and outdoor usage, can be used in the hallway, pools, kitchen but are manufactured in few colours which are brown, red, orange and grey.

Mosaic tiles are small tiles design, under six square inches or smaller and are primarily used for designing. Mosaic tiles can be used n the kitchen, bathroom and small spaces in the house. Mosaic tiles are often considered pieces of art as it comes in a wide choice of textures, colours, layouts, and shapes, commonly used to add colourful designs and style to the room. Mosaic tiles are expensive to use, other types of tiles can be cut into a mosaic using a mosaic glass cutter and tile nipper.

Natural stone tiles are extracted from the solid form of natural objects such as rocks and other minerals. Natural stone tiles are high-quality materials, extremely hard and can as well add to property values. They only required a little amount of waxing for fitting to protect them from damage, but can only be cut with an electric tile cutter. Natural stones are suitable for home and commercial uses and can add a luxurious look to your home.

Marble tiles are used to create a luxurious look for any type of building, manufactured in a mixture of two or more colours and are expensive. Marble tiles can be used for specific parts of the house such as hallways, bathrooms and even kitchen wall decor. However, marble tiles require immediate cleaning should there be spilling of dirt. Some homeowners choose marble tiles because of its ability to reflect light and pictures around it.

Granite tiles are commonly found in the kitchen countertop and bathroom showers. Its natural surface is water-resistant, making it the right choice for kitchen and bathroom usage. The majority of homeowners preferred granite due to its colourful variations, the hardness of granite can be compared to diamond and it is easy to install and maintain.

Choosing the right of tiles is not as easy as deciding the best materials for your building decorations. Consider the above-listed features when selecting your tile designs to ensure you spend your money on the right tile materials.

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