7 Steps to Designing the Interior of Your House

Making the exterior of your house beautiful is a necessity because it creates a lasting impression on visitors but whatever impression they have isn’t complete until they see the interior of your house which should be as enticing as the exterior.

Interior designing involves a lot of thinking, planning and researching; you could get an interior designer to help create the perfect atmosphere inside your house or you could get at it by yourself. Here are some steps that could help you design the interior of your house.

1. Your personality: Human diversity allows for varying kinds of personalities; hence, different people want different things in their homes. The first step is to find out what you love, what you want in your house and what will bring out your personality. Decide if you want a modern, cosy, casual or Victorian look.  Your personality determines the kind of interior design that will suit your house and make you happy.

2. Idea documentation: An idea board can help you document your ideas and plan properly. All the facts you gather, your thoughts, the arrangement you have in mind, materials you need should be on the board. If you are using a board, don’t pin things permanently in case you need to remove things.

3. Research: Magazines, design websites, online articles and pictures can help you with inspiration; as well as give you splendid and uncommon ideas to pick from like Aquarium bed, indoor-outdoor pool, and spiral staircase slide. Visiting friends or certain places can also give ideas that are worth considering, take pictures where you need to and document ideas got from your research.

4. Colour combination: Deciding on the colours you want is ideal before you start designing as it helps to give your house an elegant look. Each colour is unique and can set different kinds of moods, choose colours you like that will set the right mood for you. If you want to use multiple colours, carefully pick them ensuring they blend in a nice way.

5. Measurement: Just arranging the furniture anywhere won’t do justice to your design, proper measurement allows the decorating of any room better. There are basic measurement rules that tell the appropriate distance to place art, furniture, rugs and much more; following this rules will make your design spectacular. You could get some to help confirm your measurements are right.

6. Budget:

Budgeting is very critical, it allows you to know how much is available and what you can do with it. Your budget should include general categories and how much will be spent in each category because each room is unique: how you will design a kitchen is different from how you will design a bathroom.

Bring your design to life having combined all the previous steps to achieve your goal. Layer your lighting, avoid clutter, create a focal point, add texture to your home, add flowers, don’t sacrifice comfort and bring your design to life room by room.

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